Finding A Routine

Its been hard to establish a running routine since I started my job as a chef last November. People say it can be done you just have to work your life around it and find what’s best for you, but when you start work at 10am and get home at 11:30pm then do the same again the next day it begins to take its toll, especially this month as we are trying to get rosettes and have worked most of the month without a day off.


i have tried and tried , one week I can be doing up to 20 miles a week, the next it can be nothing depending on my shift start times, tiredness etc. I must admit I am guilty of not looking after myself properly, mainly not eating or drinking enough throughout the day sometimes I get by on just 600 calories a day which is not good I know but I don’t feel hungry most of the time when I am working, but that said I can’t carry on like that or I am going to make myself very ill especially combined with lack of sleep as when you get home at 11:30 you don’t go straight to bed as you need to unwind, sometimes it’s 2am before I crawl into bed !

My last race was the Cambourne 10k, initially I was going to try and go for a respectable time or even a PB but yet again I couldn’t train properly or how I would like to. I got round in 57:14, no way my best or even close but I wasn’t expecting much and was pleased I just did it. As I couldn’t enter many races I thought I would sign up for the Awesome running events where you run 100 miles in a month and get a medal at the end of it, I started ok but I am now falling behind in mileage and don’t think I am going to achieve 100 miles by the end of this month but it has got me out a bit more.

i have also signed up for a big event next year but I am not revealing which one as i don’t want to put pressure on myself, I just want to prove to myself again that I can train properly and although not very fast I am a if nothing else a determined runner.

I just need to eat and sleep more, I know all of this really I am just stuck in a vicious circle.



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