After 12 Years it’s Time To Return.


I have been thinking about writing my own blog for a while now, just never got round to it. I have in the last 6 months got myself a job working as a Senior Chef de Partie at a olde style Inn, in a village just outside Cambridge. Theredlionwhittlesfordbridge  A place with a growing reputation and looking for accolades under the current head chef which was one of the reasons for me going there, i wanted to learn as much as possible and as quickly as possible, there is still lots to learn and relearn after 12 years out of the game.

I won’t lie it’s been much harder than I thought it would be doing in excess of 50+ hours a week with no breaks, something I still struggle with having being in a 8-5 job with an early finish on a Friday and regular breaks. That and I am the oldest member of the team at 44, the rest are all in there 20’s !!!, but I am determined to make a real go of it and be the very best I can.

I also like to run in the little spare time I have so it got me thinking about how different foods affect my running.

I have for the last 5-6 months doing all the wrong things, not training enough (due to work) not getting enough sleep (Its hard to just switch off when you get home at 11pm, you need to unwind)  but most importantly, not eating enough ! (seriously when you work with food all day you just don’t fancy it much) most famously for which I got a right rollocking of my wife for, was when I went all day on just a single piece of toast. Other diet crimes include 15 espressos in a day whilst working as I was so tired, and we quite often take pre workout to keep alert and awake when we are struggling, I have also resorted to protein drinks as meal replacements as they can be easily and quickly consumed but i don’t see that as such a bad thing, not ideal but better than just a single piece of toast !

So………Through this blog i am going to mention work and my life as a chef, look at how food affects running in general and  show you some ideas for meals.

That’s just a quick intro of what this blog is hopefully going to be about, I look forward to learning how food and exercise work or don’t work together and sharing it with you all.



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